Order preparation

Picking, repackaging, cross-dock, loading

Your orders in the best conditions

With more than 5,000 m2 of docks at -20°C, all your order preparation is done at freezing temperatures to provide you with additional security in the cold chain. It also allows our teams to prepare most of your shipments in advance for better quality and optimized loading time.


Used by our experienced pickers, voice picking, in conjunction with our WMS (Warehouse Management Software), provides the reliability and tracking quality you expect. We achieve a reliability rate close to 100%.


Some export markets and customers have packaging specifications that do not match your usual product specifications. At LOCAGEL, our teams will be able to quickly repackage them in our refrigerated workshops to comply with them: changing support, cardboard, labels, re-palletizing, mixing products, etc.


To have your orders prepared and shipped as soon as the goods arrive, whether they come from several sites or not, we carry out cross-docking. And we will do it in the best temperature conditions for your products, thanks to our docks at -20°C.


Based on your instructions received the day before, our teams will process your orders with speed, care and expertise according to your loading specifications: cushioning, docking, loading order, control photos, etc. And, who knows, we may be able to propose you ways to optimize loads and reduce your transport costs!


Temperature controlled workshops

Our core expertise is quality cold storage but it makes fully sense when we provide you services that allow you to be as close as possible to your customers’ needs.
Our temperature-controlled delayed differentiation workshops give you flexibility for co-packing, ready-to-sell assembly, etc. or any other custom request you may have.Adapt to your markets and customers: re-palletizing, adding and/or changing labels, changing packaging.

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Order preparation


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