Refrigerated storage at controlled temperature

Receiving, freezing, storing your goods

Your frozen goods are in good hands 

At LOCAGEL, we take the same care to handle a few dozen pallets or a few tens of thousands. What is important to us is to contribute to bring value to your customers by providing you with our more than 30 years of expertise in frozen goods logistics.


Close to major roads, our site is accessible 24/7 via our shuttles. After the driver’s check in and the reception at one of our 28 platform doors, your parcels will integrate our WMS and be tracked end to end; We won’t let them out of our sight! They are handled with care by our very experienced teams: temperature controls, compliance control, anomalies photo taking, etc. If there were any discrepancies on any of these points, you would be the first to know.

Unloading, unpacking

Parcels, EURO pallets, CHEP or LPR pallets, Octabins, etc. are part of daily unloading but you can ask us to unload any other container (bulk included). To further reduce the unloading time, we have several conveyors that will extract all your goods at once.


For your goods that should arrive not frozen (or partially frozen), we will unload the products directly in a deep-freezing tunnel with a capacity of 100 pallets. Your goods will go through a -38°C cold during the agreed number of hours.

Cold storage 

We can accommodate 36,000 pallets in our 200,000 m3 warehouse, exclusively in deep cold. Here are your goods in one of the 3 rooms, constituting LOCAGEL’s core. They can be stored in the picking area or on one of the many mobile racks that give us storage space optimization and better inertia for preservation. Perfectly referenced and tracked, they safely wait for you to need them.

Stockpile Management

Each processing of your goods is subject to a computerized follow-up that allows you a constant monitoring. From devices on each platform and trolley, barcodes flashing and voice control, your parcels’ and pallets’ moves are immediately reported to our WMS (Warehouse Management System). We can also work with you using EDI as we do with many customers.


Cold production

With a refrigerant with no effect on global warming (GWP/PRG of 0) and low-carbon energy, we have a low-environmental impact cold production. This small footprint contributes to your efforts to fight global warming and to make your products as eco-friendly as possible.

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