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LOCAGEL offers you flexibility through a range of services at -20°C 

With often lower quantities than for dry goods, with multiple references and of course the technicality of freezing cold, frozen foods require a completely adapted industry. All of LOCAGEL’s value is to bring to retailers, wholesalers, caterers, etc. this refrigerated logistics expertise and these fully specialized means with reliability and flexibility.

Our refrigerated logistics expertise at your side

Our more than 30 years of refrigerated logistics allow us to provide expertise in cold storage, repackaging and order preparation, which makes LOCAGEL a reliable partner, able to support the most demanding players. Our experience has been built up with both retailers and reference manufacturers, providing us with a very good knowledge of the needs of these two complementary activities for a maximum of fluidity and very high quality rates.

Adapting to your volumes

Whether working for the largest companies (Carrefour, Intermarché, etc.) or for local middlemen, LOCAGEL adapts responsibly to all types of retail / catering customers’ needs. We take care of 20 pallets as well as 20,000 in our 200,000 m3 cold storage facility.  Our storage and processing capacity also gives us the flexibility to absorb changes in your volumes week after week (consumer seasonality, one-off operations).

A range of services at -20°C

It is not enough for us to bring you excellence in cold storage. It’s the integration of many services around that meets your distribution issues with maximum added value and flexibility. For example, our -20°C docks allow large-scale cross-docking of your frozen goods. Our refrigerated workshops bring you the ability to quickly set up co-packing operations or any other repackaging.

Develop massification

Combination of our significant capacity, strategic location of our sites and even large stocks from manufacturers (bakery, vegetables, seafood, etc.) in our refrigerated warehouses is an excellent base for optimizing your cold supply chain such as central storage and flow massification.

Productivity in detail

Other gains await you thanks to the efficiency and professionalism of our highly experienced teams. The systematic quality controls, the care given to your goods and their tracking, for example, allow us extremely high quality rates that make us proud but especially contribute to your profit. Likewise, very reliable, optimized and in-order loads are sources of profit for you.

Discover our services in logistics and refrigerated transport, whole or detail.

Global service




Urgent frozen foods promotional operation

Customer: Large retailer

LOCAGEL service:  Preparation of split orders

Description:  A major player in retail, not yet a LOCAGEL customer, contacted us on D to set up a last minute promotional operation with the reception of 200,000 parcels on D+3 (public holiday), preparation of split orders for 80 stores with a dispatch in 3 waves from D+3.

Volumes:  700 references, 200,000 parcels, 80 points of sale

LOCAGEL assets:
▶️ Full responsiveness: sales, IT, HR, logistics
▶️ Quantity
▶️ 5,000 m2 of docks at -20°C
▶️ Quality, Reliability

Result: Operation completed on time with customer congratulationst

Invest in an emergency

Customer:  Manufacturer

LOCAGEL service:   Inventory

Description:  Following the announcement of a takeover of his group, a seafood producer contacted us one day to carry out an inventory of its 6,000 pallets stored in our cold stores as soon as possible.

Volumes:  6,000 pallets, 2 days

LOCAGEL assets:
▶️ Adaptation
▶️ Organisation
▶️ Quality, Reliability

Result: An efficient inventory with very few discrepancies.

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