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Our logistics capabilities for your frozen products

At LOCAGEL, we support our agri-food customers (bakery, vegetable, seafood, etc.) and other sectors (health, etc.), providing value both upstream and downstream of production.

A beneficial outsourcing

By outsourcing their goods’ -20°C storage, our customers avoid heavy investments in cold stores to focus on their core business. They can thus address growth, changes in stored volume (seasonality of harvest, production, distribution, etc.) with a flexibility that is difficult to deliver internally. In addition, a player like LOCAGEL provides them with proven solutions and a high level of pool resources.

Adapting to your needs

Adaptation to changes in the quantity of goods to be stored is important, but it must be paired with an ability to absorb incoming and outgoing flows, without delay or error. While offering you a high level of personalization of receptions (multiple controls, various pallet formats, unloading bulk container, etc.) and of order preparations (picking, delayed differentiation, repackaging, loading plans, export constraints, loading containers, etc.)

Our refrigerated logistics expertise at your service

Our stable and highly experienced team, the evolution of our tools and infrastructures, also makes you benefit from a high specialization in refrigerated logistics that is difficult to reach and maintain at the same cost level for a manufacturer. This expertise in cold storage also brings you exceptionally low error and loss rates and the most relevant software and technical improvements.

Reduced environmental impact

From an environmental point of view, in addition to an efficient use of energy resources, LOCAGEL participates in reducing your products’ global warming impact by using a refrigerant that has no effect on global warming (GWP index = 0) unlike HFC (fluorinated) fluids. In addition, electricity is essentially of non-carbonated origin.

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Global service




Emergency inventory

Customer:  Manufacturer

LOCAGEL service:  Inventory

Description:  Following the announcement of a takeover of his group, a seafood producer contacted us one day to carry out an inventory of its 6,000 pallets stored in our cold stores as soon as possible.

Volumes :  6,000 pallets, 2 days

LOCAGEL assets:
▶️ Adaptation
▶️ Organisation
▶️ Quality, Reliability

Result: An effective inventory with a very small gap.  

Clearance sale of frozen pastries
to private individuals

Client:  Bakery and pastry producer

LOCAGEL service:  Organization of the Too Good To Go operation

Description:  A bakery and pastry manufacturer, a customer of LOCAGEL, wants to test a clearance sale of frozen pastries with private customers. He asks us to organize and ensure this operation on one of our sites.

Volumes :  10 references, 1200 parcels, 650 private vehicles

LOCAGEL assets:
▶️ Adaptation
▶️ Organisation
▶️ Quality, Reliability

Result: All parcels sold, operation rated 4.9/5 by consumers, customer satisfaction and renewal since. 

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